Nick Seta

Finance, Marketing, and Technology

As a recent graduate, Nick has come on board the DCPM team to help with all finance, marketing, and technological needs. Nick holds a BSBA in Finance and Management from Saint Joseph's College of Maine and an MSc in Finance from the University of Edinburgh. He loves playing soccer, hiking mountains, and spending time with friends and family.

As the nephew of John, Nick has watched DCPM grow since it was born. Nicks first "job" was a cashier at Dredz, retail stores that were owned by John. Nick was only five years old then, but he loved being involved! Today, Nick is a master in finance with a goal to help DCPM succeed for years to come.

Though Nick does not often work construction, he has great relationships with his uncle John, his cousins John Jr. and Ayden and his sister Alexis from DCPM. Nicks favorite part of his job is being able to spend so much time with family. To him work doesn't feel like work at DCPM, because he is with people he enjoys being around. John is an encouraging teacher who allows the DCPM team to be creative with their skillsets.

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Phone - (603) 770-9722