Alexis Seta

Manager of Marketing and Bookkeeping

Alexis Seta joined the DCPM team in Feb 2021. She is a Senior at Plymouth State University, studying Communication and Media with a minor in Marketing. Alexis manages the DCPM website, and social media.

Alexis' goal is to stay connected with clients, listen to feedback, and keep clients and followers up to date on DCPM projects. She believes it is important for clients to feel comfortable and confident in hiring DCPM as their contractor.

Alexis is the Niece of John Difeo, so she has been able to work with her Uncle on several occasions, for example the two-story garage under new construction. Doing this has allowed her to get to know the DCPM team and what they do. She feels that DCPM is an experienced and confident team who will do what it takes to make their clients happy.