Scaffolding in Birmingham Construction Injuries

According to a report of the Bureau of Labor Statics, more than hundred people are injured and dozens of workers are killed in Birmingham. Scaffolding in Birmingham is suspected to be involved in 3 out of 10 accidents. A quarter of the accidents occurs in works are fatal falls.

Summary of Reports

The report also said that about 3 quarters of accident-causing scaffold accidents. There are three things that cause those fatal accidents: Slipped from the platform, planking or support break down, and falling object from other workers. The main fact is, if every construction company abides rules and regulation set by OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration), these accidents are 100% avoidable.

Still, such incidents continue to happen

The National Safety Council has released a recent case study where a client forwarded a photograph of the construction site to the company president. The client’s concern was the aesthetic aspects of the construction project. Actually, the client doesn’t recognize anything else, but the company president recognized a problem immediately. He noticed many safety violations occurring on that site. On the site, many employees are seen working on potentially risky platforms. The president noticed that a worker was putting a pillar up. The regulatory to keep the height to base ratio is 4:1, but the worker was about 20 feet above the pillar that exceeds the regulatory. Moreover, there were no midrails or ladder. After seeing that the president understood that the workers were neither following safety issue nor they are inspected by a trained person.

The presidents soon forward the photograph to the project director. The safety director finds out that the site supervisor actually didn’t have any safety training.

Final Advice

There are many other reasons that cause job site accidents. Scaffolding in Birmingham is a risky job. So, companies, workers, and the general public should take necessary steps before seeing any unwanted incident.